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This is a letter from Elder Nemrow's  that she posted on the Missionary Mom site. I am including it with Krissy's blog because it talks about her and the area she is serving in right now. She also talks about the Romanian mission and other people they met on their trip.
Ploiesti Church Building

The Young Women (12-18 year olds) in Ploiest. Elder Nemrow's sister is in the center

Inside of Ploiest Branch building

Going home gift from Ploiest Branch to Elder Nemrow, they all signed the flag.

The branch pres. & family (sitting closest to the camera) took us to dinner.  Everyone was so kind!
Hi everyone -
We just returned from a great trip to Romania to pick up our son and do
some family history work!  What a great experience to see the country and
get a feel for our son's mission.  We visited many cemeteries and archives
and are happy to have found some additional family members that we didn't
know about.  My husband has been working on his genealogy for 20 years with
little success (since they were Jews fleeing persecution in the late
1800's) but since our son received his mission call we have seen so many
blessings and have had many successes in locating these ancestors.

We attended the branch in Ploiesti on Fast Sunday and were able to share
our testimonies while our son translated.  What a strong, wonderful branch
there!  It is one of the largest branches with approx. 50-60 active
members.  Plans are on track for Romania to have its first stake next year
and Ploiesti will be one of the strongest wards.  We met with Elders Cox,
Groberg, Rasmussen, Hickenlooper & Doloscan and Sora Hickman & Hall.  In
Iasi we saw Elders Bennett, Benson & Biggs as well as Sora Bennett & Atkins
teaching an English class.  If any of these are your missionaries you can
email me privately and I can send you photos & video.  In Brasov we were
having trouble locating our hotel (around 8:30pm) when all of the sudden we
saw 2 elders walking down the street (Elder Brunner & a new elder).  What
an amazing coincidence since it is a large city - and even more amazing
that they knew where the hotel was.

The Marcov's are a senior couple from Utah who have Romanian heritage.
They don't speak the language but he is a patriarch and has been given
permission to give patriarchal blessings to members who know English well.
They have been traveling all over the country giving many blessings.  We
sensed the excitement about this and also heard sadness expressed by some
of the elderly members who don't know much English and wonder if they will
live long enough to receive a blessing.  Perhaps when the new stake is
formed they will have a Romanian patriarch.  We met several seasoned
members who joined 20 yrs. ago.

We rented a car and driving in the cities was very fast and hectic.  Out on
the highway the lanes are narrow - some roads closer to Bucharest have 4
lanes but only 3 cars can really fit, plus you're sharing the road with
horses/carts/wagons.  My blood pressure was high as cars race to pass each
other and the wagons.  Our son ordered some garments before he left the
mission and I was surprised to see that the price was only .75 cents per
piece.  He really liked the mesh fabric.  The church really makes an effort
to make it inexpensive for the members - so I would definitely order some
through the mission office if I was a missionary.

Pres. & Sis. Hill are so gracious as we visited them in their home! Our son
told us that when they travel around doing interviews - Sis. Hill will
interview one companion while Pres. Hill interviews the other.  She will
not only check up on their health, etc. but also asks them if they have any
doctrinal questions.  Our son looked forward to their visits and enjoyed
asking her many questions.  If she didn't know the answer she would look it
up right there on her Ipad or get back to him.  Many wives of mission
presidents don't go to this extra effort.  She is a friendly, spunky lady
and very frank.  These missionaries are fortunate to have a couple like the
Hills giving them support, guidance and encouragement.

Paige Nemrow
Laie, HI
RM Andrew Nemrow Romania Bucharest - 9/12
RM Joseph Nemrow Guatemala Quetzaltenango - 8/10

Thank you Paige for sharing!

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