Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sora Savage and Sora Hall on P-day

Opps! Missed that bus but caught the pavement.

Krissy and Sister Boboc -She is a less active member that Krissy loves!

Krissy and Ele Na-  an English student

Romanian kitty -Gremlin
What a crazy week.  First I want to say congrats to Alisse Frandsen on her mission call to Chile!  That is so awesome!   Next, so we found out this week that we need to find a new apartment because our landlords want to sell our apartment.  So we are apartment hunting which is kind of a bummer.  But oh well.  Also on Wed. Elder Miner sprained his ankle running for a bus so he was out for a day, ha.  But he handled it great.  Then on Thursday  While I was running for a bus with my companion I lost my balance and ate pavement- with my face. ha.  I caught myself wrong and smacked my head into the pavement.  It was kind of awesome, not going to lie.  Thankfully, we were close to the church and the elders were actually on the bus we missed and saw me on the ground (not the actual fall) so they came running back.  I ended up with a mild concussion which was awesome because the whole time I was checking myself for symptoms.  The main one was impaired vision but that went away after about an hour.  I now have a nice abrasion and bruise on my head- and I still have a little bit of a headache.  Each day it gets better so that's good.  Plus my bangs cover it up perfectly so that's great.  I was out of commission for a day.  On Friday, it was Sora Savage's birthday so we ate cake and had an awesome lesson with some members and then a sports night.  We also found out about transfers and that I will be going to Ploiesti and serving with Sora Hickman again.  That will be interesting.  On Saturday,  Sora Savage had a 24 hour flu or food poisoning and so we were inside all day.  We missed most all of church on Sunday because she still wasn't feeling well.  We did catch the end of the meetings so that I could say goodbye to people.  Now today is Pday- whew what a week.  I will send pictures of my head soon.  If not this week, next week.  Life is crazy.  But it just creates great stories.  Anyways I love you all.  I hope your lives are slightly less crazy than mine at the moment.  ha  Take care and don't run for buses ;)


Sora Krissy Hall

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another slow week as far as teaching.  But we were blessed on Sunday to have one of our investigators come to church which was wonderful.  She just stayed for sacrament, but at least she came!  We also had a district goal to contact 100 people in one day (per companionship).  Sora Savage and I walked from our apartment to the church and then to the mall (a couple more bus stops).  We decided that we would count it as a contact if we at least attempted to start a conversation with them, talked to everyone, and groups only counted as one contact.  We finished in a little less than an hour and a half.  It was awesome.  It really helped us see how many people we could actually talk to as well showing how much of the language we really do know.  It was great!  So we celebrated with Pizza Hut ha. 

Things are going, just slowly.  Don't have any pictures, so sorry.  But still having fun.  I have a great district that is so supportive it is great.  I cant believe that the end of the transfer is next week.  Crazy!

I love you all!!


Sora Krissy Hall

PS:  Oh and Sora Patton called and told me my go home date is April 10th.  Just so that you know.  :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wow, I feel like all my friends from freshman year at BYU are getting home from their missions.  That is so awesome.  It is weird to think that life moves on when I am here but it makes sense.  Hope all of you are doing well and having fun moving on to the next stages of life.  I also heard that Alisse Frandsen is putting her mission papers in!  That is so exciting.  I cant wait to hear where you go. 

This week has been a rough one.  Not a ton of success as far as lessons go.  However, we did think of some new contacting ideas that really help us to get people to stop and talk to us.  We write survey questions on a big white board and then ask people passing by.  They are things like "do you believe in life after death" or "do you think we have a purpose in this life."  I had a lot of great conversations with people about religion and about how they can know the answer to these things.  It is awesome.  We got a few numbers from it which was great plus we got to work on our Romanian. 

We did get to ride on a Double Decker bus this week and that was lots of fun.

I know that even though things are a little bit tough right now they will get better.  They always do.  This is just a time where we are being stretched and pulled out of our comfort zones so that we can grow even more.  I am so much stronger for going through the things that I have since I have been on the mission as well as in my life.  They were hard and sometimes seemed unbearable at the time, but now I am so grateful for those experiences for shaping me into the person I am today.  What a blessing it is to know this. 

I love you all

Sora Krissy Hall

Note from Krissy's mom and dad---
We notified the mission president of our summer address and he sent back this letter about Krissy.  Of course we already knew this about her but it is nice to know that they in Romania know it.

Dear Brother and Sister Hall,
Me on top of a Double Decker bus in Constanta.
You have a wonderful daughter.  She is such a conscientious missionary and she works so hard.  She is in a challenging city right now: Constanta.  But she's doing well with Sora Savage.  We love and appreciate Sora Hall so much.  She's bright, devoted, kind, obedient, diligent and friendly--all the qualities we want in a great missionary.  She is loved by all of us in the mission.  Thanks so much for sending her to us.
With great appreciation,
President Hill

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunflower fields forever

A seagull  got into the apartment (its an adolescent one) so we feed it bread ha and took pictures :)
July 9, 2012

Hello lovely people!  This week has been crazy.  First a shout out to Robby Lund who just got home from his mission- hey guess what?  I'm serving with your cousin!  How crazy is that?  What a small world.  Hope all is going well with you though :)

Cool so this week was another week of adjustments.  Getting used to Sora Savage and what feels like missionary work again ha.  I decided I don't really like emergency transfers at all.  Too much craziness at one time.  Especially when it was so close to the transfer anyways.  But just got to swing with the punches and keep moving on.  This week we was crazy and I feel like we did everything ha.  We had a BBQ for the 4th of July, went to Bucuresti for a day for crazy dental work, missionary work, got bunged, talked about love, played cards, went to a sunflower field, made crazy connections with people, and then ended the week with church where the topic in Relief Society went from scriptures to SciFi and then to cloning ha.  That was fun to translate haha.  But it was fun and I definitely made a lot of memories.  I cant believe the transfer is already a half of the way over.  Gosh things are moving super fast.  Which I guess is good, but still weird to think about.  So I try not to haha.  Well I need to go.  I love you all.  Keep being amazing!!


Sora Krissy Hall
July 2, 2012
So we had a little switch up in companions this week.  I am now serving with Sora Savage who was in Galati and Sora Watt is serving with Sora Stark in Galati.  It hasn't been a super productive week because of all of the craziness.  But that just means that the next week will be better.  I am kind of exhausted, but I am amazed that I always have the energy to get the things done that i need to.  I want to give a shout out to Stephani who was such a huge help to me the last couple of days.  I wish her luck with moving back to the US and I really do owe her a lot.  She is amazing. 

I will be honest I don't really know what else to write.  I feel like everything is jumbled in my head.  But I do hope everyone has a wonderful independence day and I kind of think its weird that it is already July ha.  But have fun.  I love you all. 

Sora Krissy Hall
Sorry to those who are following Krissy's Blog. I am behind but I hope to catch up tonight.
this post is from June 25, 2012 ---Krissy's mom

June 25, 2012
Sora Leanna Bedebone!!!  You are home and I hope that you read this haha.  I love you like crazy, thank you so much for letting me hang out with you the last day in the country.  You are amazing and I hope you have a great trip in New Zealand. Also, keep me updated on everything k. 

This week has been crazy.  We met with a ton of people, went down to Bucharest and I got to take Sora Bedebone to the airport at 5:30 in the morning :).  Then we had transfers and now is the adjusting process which is also crazy ha.  But Sora Watt is awesome and we are going to learn a lot from each other.  I feel like missionary work got a lot harder this week ha.  I'm not totally sure why, but it feels that way.  But I know the Lord hears my prayers and He will help me through it all.  Our district this transfer is awesome.  The Elders are so supportive and always willing to help with everything.  That is great. 

The weather here is crazy hot and humid.  But we get by.  It does make me very thankful that I will be here for only one summer though.  Oh that reminds me, so for our baby day Sora Watt and I (we were in the MTC together) went to Pizza Hut.  It was great.  I cant believe that it is on the downward slope.  It is crazy and I still feel like I have 18 months haha.  I guess that is a good way to think about it.  I have been blessed so much from being here.  I feel like I am the same person but my perspective on life has completely changed.  There is balance where there wasn't before.  I couldn't be more grateful for that.  I am going to continue to grow and change which is amazing.  My vision of what a mission is has completely changed as well and I definitely know what people mean when they say it is the hardest and best thing they have ever done.  I already feel that way.  I feel like it is preparing me for the rest of my life so that I can be the best student, future wife and mother, coworker, etc that I can be.  I know that this is all because of the help from God. 

So life is crazy, but I love it.  I love learning and growing.  That is what this is 24/7.  What an amazing experience!

I love and miss you all.  Keep me updated on your lives!

Sora Krissy Hall
Sora Bedebone at airport going back to the states

sunflower field

My Baby Day aka half way day celebrated at Pizza Hut

These are the kitties I played with a month ago and their mommy. They are getting soo big!