Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sora Savage and Sora Hall on P-day

Opps! Missed that bus but caught the pavement.

Krissy and Sister Boboc -She is a less active member that Krissy loves!

Krissy and Ele Na-  an English student

Romanian kitty -Gremlin
What a crazy week.  First I want to say congrats to Alisse Frandsen on her mission call to Chile!  That is so awesome!   Next, so we found out this week that we need to find a new apartment because our landlords want to sell our apartment.  So we are apartment hunting which is kind of a bummer.  But oh well.  Also on Wed. Elder Miner sprained his ankle running for a bus so he was out for a day, ha.  But he handled it great.  Then on Thursday  While I was running for a bus with my companion I lost my balance and ate pavement- with my face. ha.  I caught myself wrong and smacked my head into the pavement.  It was kind of awesome, not going to lie.  Thankfully, we were close to the church and the elders were actually on the bus we missed and saw me on the ground (not the actual fall) so they came running back.  I ended up with a mild concussion which was awesome because the whole time I was checking myself for symptoms.  The main one was impaired vision but that went away after about an hour.  I now have a nice abrasion and bruise on my head- and I still have a little bit of a headache.  Each day it gets better so that's good.  Plus my bangs cover it up perfectly so that's great.  I was out of commission for a day.  On Friday, it was Sora Savage's birthday so we ate cake and had an awesome lesson with some members and then a sports night.  We also found out about transfers and that I will be going to Ploiesti and serving with Sora Hickman again.  That will be interesting.  On Saturday,  Sora Savage had a 24 hour flu or food poisoning and so we were inside all day.  We missed most all of church on Sunday because she still wasn't feeling well.  We did catch the end of the meetings so that I could say goodbye to people.  Now today is Pday- whew what a week.  I will send pictures of my head soon.  If not this week, next week.  Life is crazy.  But it just creates great stories.  Anyways I love you all.  I hope your lives are slightly less crazy than mine at the moment.  ha  Take care and don't run for buses ;)


Sora Krissy Hall

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