Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunflower fields forever

A seagull  got into the apartment (its an adolescent one) so we feed it bread ha and took pictures :)
July 9, 2012

Hello lovely people!  This week has been crazy.  First a shout out to Robby Lund who just got home from his mission- hey guess what?  I'm serving with your cousin!  How crazy is that?  What a small world.  Hope all is going well with you though :)

Cool so this week was another week of adjustments.  Getting used to Sora Savage and what feels like missionary work again ha.  I decided I don't really like emergency transfers at all.  Too much craziness at one time.  Especially when it was so close to the transfer anyways.  But just got to swing with the punches and keep moving on.  This week we was crazy and I feel like we did everything ha.  We had a BBQ for the 4th of July, went to Bucuresti for a day for crazy dental work, missionary work, got bunged, talked about love, played cards, went to a sunflower field, made crazy connections with people, and then ended the week with church where the topic in Relief Society went from scriptures to SciFi and then to cloning ha.  That was fun to translate haha.  But it was fun and I definitely made a lot of memories.  I cant believe the transfer is already a half of the way over.  Gosh things are moving super fast.  Which I guess is good, but still weird to think about.  So I try not to haha.  Well I need to go.  I love you all.  Keep being amazing!!


Sora Krissy Hall

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