Monday, May 14, 2012

Constanta & the Black Sea

Okay so it took us a while to figure things out, but I am now in Constanta and the weather is perfect.  Oh and I get to call home tomorrow!  I will be calling at 5pm here which is about 7am in California.  So be prepared.  I wont have the chance to call before hand, so just make sure you are logged into Skype.  I will call moms account and I will try to call Matt's to figure out if we can do a conference call.  Sora Cottam is calling an hour before me.  I think that is about it.  It is very pretty here and I have seen the Black Sea a couple of times, but we don't go down there because of all the naked people ha.  Anyways I will make sure to get pictures.  OK so I will be calling tomorrow at 5pm Romanian time.  See/talk to you then!!
Note from Krissy's mom :
Krissy just sent a few pictures today with no letter but the above letter came on Saturday.  The family got to Skype with her. She sounds great! She loves her mission and loves all the people she has met in Romania and Moldova.  She asked that I send her tourist information on Constanta being as they have to stay away from the beach.  When ever they ask the people in Constanta what there is to do and see in town, she is told to go to the beach. lol. Constanta is located on the Black Sea and has a great history going back to the Romans. Her new companion, Sora Cottam is from Wales, Utah and was in the missionary training center in Provo, Utah with her.

all the pictures are from Chisinau, either pdays or service days, or days when we had crazy awful times and made it better with banana splits haha  Also there is a picture from our Skype call.

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