Tuesday, December 4, 2012

view from apartment of Beauty shop across the street using Girl Scout symbol...lol

View from my apartment window in Ploiesti, Romania
Thank you to everyone for all their prayers this week!  I heard from a few people that my mom posted something on my Facebook about my health.  So thank you to all for your concern.  I really appreciate it and I have felt your love this week.  This week was crazy.  We have a good amount of lessons and slept a lot.  I feel so much better now so I am grateful for that.  We also found out transfers this week!  I am going to be staying here in Ploiesti and I will be serving with Sora Jones for her last transfer.  She makes the 4th that I have helped kill (served with/been with right before they go home).  I feel like some are called to train and help those coming in.  My calling must be to kill ha.  I'm not really sure why, but I am excited about staying.  At this rate I might just stay here until I go home.  I would love that though.  I love the people here so much and things are just exploding right now.  On Sunday, Fratele (Brother) Predescu came up to me and asked if we would teach his sister who had been coming to church since before I got here.  She wants to be baptized on the 15th and didn't realize that she needed lessons in order to do so.  So tonight is our first lesson with her.  We are so excited and feel like it is such a blessing.  Also Saturday was Romania Day (also Elder Cunningham's Birthday, so happy birthday to him).  It was amazing to see how much everyone loves their country here.  Romania at times reminds me of 1950s US.  They get so excited about little kiddy rides and they love little carnival type things.  Plus some things they do just remind me of something I would see in an I Love Lucy episode or in Back to the Future.  It is great.  I love it.  They had fireworks Saturday night and everyone came out to see.  I had never seen that many people on the street before.  Plus EVERYONE was smiling!  That doesn't happen a ton here.  It was so sweet to see. It was such a great day!

Other than that things are going well.  I feel like I am really fulfilling my purpose here to bring others to Christ.  What a great feeling that is!  I love our investigators and all I learn from them.  They are such amazing people!  I can't wait to see what this next transfer holds! 

I hope you have a great week and thank you again for all your love and support!

Sora Krissy Hall

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