Monday, December 10, 2012

We got our first snow today!  Winter is officially here and so the missionary work is about to change, at least the type or method of work is about to change.  We will soon be heading into Blocs (apartments) and seeing who we can find there instead of going to parks ha.  I am so excited.  This week we had transfers.  I am now with Sora Jones for her last transfer.  I love her!  She is so much fun and we are both working hard.  We are helping our two investigators that are most ready to be baptized to quit smoking (Iulia and Sanda).  They are doing great.  They love the gospel and what it teaches and are willing to do anything to feel the Spirit of God more fully in their lives.  It is so exciting to see this.  I feel so blessed to be able to be here and to feel like I am actually helping people come unto Christ and to share in His loving Atonement.  It is awesome.  That is what we have been working on the most this week. 

Other than that I got to see the lovely, little Sora Bulloch this week and have a most wonderful 2 hour conversation with her at transfers ha.  I love that girl.  We were both just so happy afterwards and just love being together.  I sadly missed seeing Sora Stark before she headed up to Cluj though, so that was sad.  But I will see her soon anyways. 

Crazy story: So I feel like the first couple of days of the transfer the most crazy things happy.  So on our first full day in Ploiesti we were headed to Iulia's for a lesson and to get her to stop smoking- set up her plan.  On the way we drove through Bereasca (a slightly poorer part of town), when a man throw a giant rock at the back window of the bus.  It thankfully didnt break it.  But the bus driver stopped and yelled and then we sat there for a bit.  I wasn't about to get off the bus, but it was kind of crazy.  I assured Sora Jones that was not normal ha.  Then later that night we were on another bus when a fight started.  We moved up to get out of the way and then got off to avoid it ha.  Oh life as a missionary ha. 

But really it has been a great week.  I am so excited for this transfer and for all it holds.  I love all of you and miss you all a ton.  Have a great week! 


Sora Krissy Hall

PS- Alicia- I got your letter this week!  Thank you so much!  I love you!

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