Friday, September 21, 2012

I know I have posted this picture before but Krissy looks soo adorable in this picture I had to post it again. (Krissy's mom)
I just want to start off by saying thank you to the members in my ward for all the birthday wishes!  They really meant a lot to me and have just made me more excited to have my birthday here in just a couple of weeks :)  This last week has been crazy!  I was in Bucuresti for 3 days on exchange with Sora Stark and Sam while my companion left with her family.  I also got to Nas (house/take care of) the 2 new sisters that came in on Tuesday (Sora Lund and Sora Heim).  It was so much fun.  It was bittersweet to know that as this new group of missionaries came in, some of my friends that I have made have left.  Transfers just won't be the same without Elder James and Elder Mikolyski, as well as all of the others.  It was great to see them off though.  Then I headed back to Ploiesti (after missing my train by seconds and then having to change the tickets ha) and went to the YSA center.  The sisters in Ploiesti work with the YSA center so we go to their activities, which I love.  I feel like it creates such a great relationship between us and the members, so whenever we need members to come on visits, they just volunteer.  The next day I realized how little I knew about Ploiesti and that the lesson I set up with a less active was at the same time as the Relief Society activity.  So I canceled the lesson so she could go to the activity and yeah.  It was kind of a fail ha.  But Sora Bulloch and I will just love getting to know Ploiesti together.  Oh and a very happy birthday to her.  It was her birthday on Saturday which was fun.  We ended the night with Jerry's pizza and a yummy apple cookie thing the elders made ha.  So even though the week was a little crazy we had a good time and just smiled the whole way. 

This week will be another crazy one as we are currently in Bucharest right now because Sora Bulloch had a doctors appointment.  We are heading back to Ploiesti right after internet and spending the rest of the time with our awesome elders (Elders Rasmussen, Rodenberg, Doloscan, and Barclay) and maybe the zone leaders ha.  Then we have district conference this weekend, so we will be heading back to Bucharest either Saturday or Sunday for that.  This is going to be a crazy transfer, but it will also be a ton of fun.  Oh and this week marks both Sora Bulloch's and my year mark as missionaries.  Kind of crazy how fast it goes.  Well I need to go.  But I love you all!  Take care and have fun this week :)

Sora Krissy Hall

PS- I am super excited that Aunt Debi and Uncle Larry head to the MTC so soon!  I am so excited to hear about their experiences that they will have as they serve the Lord.

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