Monday, September 10, 2012

Sora Bulloch is coming back to me!!!  I am so excited that my little fairy is coming back to be with me for our year mark.  She was my comp in the MTC.  We will be partying it up in Ploiesti this next transfer.  So I am super excited.  This last week we did a lot of member visits since Sora Hickman is going home.  It was great.  I love how you can get people to come to church by saying you are leaving ha.  I feel like if you can just get them to come once that they will feel the spirit and will want to come again.  Its great.  Church was packed on Sunday.  Now I am in Bucharest and I will be in a threesome with Sora Stark and Sora Sam from 4pm tonight until Wednesday.  I am so excited :)  Life is just going well and I am so excited for this next transfer.  We are also getting 2 boboci (greenies) in Ploiesti so that will be interesting.  I hope they are cool haha.  It will be great.  We have 11 missionaries coming in this transfer which is just crazy!  Next transfer will be about the same.  It is weird when you get to the point in the mission where you are one of the older ones and all of the friends you have made in the last year plus are gone.  I feel that is what next transfer will be like for me.  But hey it just means I get to meet more people and grow even more.  Well I need to go.  But I love you all.  Thank you so much for your emails of support.  I am trying to get letters out to people, so if you could email me updated addresses I would really appreciate it!  Love you all

Sora Krissy Hall

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