Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Traditional Romania woman's dress

Sora Hall's district

Sora Hall and Sora Hickman with Sora Chirila (center)

Sora Stark's birthday cupcake

Alicia Draper!!  Thank you so much for you lovely letter!  It was so colorful and the stickers were great.  It was just a reminder as to why I love you so dang much!  So thank you.  Also Aunt Debi, I am so excited for you.  Time has gone so fast, I cant believe that you are getting ready to go to the MTC.  Kind of crazy!

So this week.  We walked ALL over the city.  It was exhausting.  Next transfer I am investing in a bus pass and I will save time and energy.  We did get fed a lot this week which was unusual but awesome!!  We also got to play dress up in authentic Romanian clothes that one of the members has (Sora Chirila).  She has clothes from several different areas in Romania and loves having the missionaries try them on and take pictures ha.  It was great!  We mainly met with members this week since Sora Hickman goes home in a week and wanted to say goodbye to people.  But I love hearing all of their testimonies so it is definitely a growing experience for me.  I also got to play with a lot of puppies this week which always makes me happy.  :)

One of the elders' family came to church on Sunday (they came to pick him up so he would be home for school, but they are also here to do genealogy).  That was a ton of fun having English speakers here, ha ha.  I had to translate it Relief Society, which was kind of scary, but I got most of it ha.  So I hope they got something out of it. 

I can't believe the transfer is almost over.  Well, actually I can ha.  But I cant believe I will be going into my 8th!  FYI- for sisters we usually have 12 transfers.  Gosh time is going fast.  I have decided to re-evaluate my work here so that I can work my hardest these last few months.  I definitely have a lot to improve on so im glad that I have a little more of a time goal.  I find it hard to set goals just for a transfer sometimes, because I feel like they change too frequently before I can actually get good at something.  Plus in a mission it can be hard to see growth, especially if you have older companions.  So I am very excited about this goal.  It has also been a testimony to me of the amazing power that the Atonement has in our lives, as to help us change.  We become better as we change an progress.  The Atonement doesn't take back past mistakes, but it allows us to learn and grow from them.  I love it.

So that was my week.  Missionary work and walking.  I also added a pic of me feeding Sora Stark for her birthday.  :)  I love her.  Anyways I love you all.  Have a  great week!

Sora Krissy Hall

PS- And a very Happy Birthday to Elder Peterson (the Russian Elder) tomorrow!  I hope that he has a great day!

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