Monday, April 2, 2012

Yay for transfers and for conference weekend! That means relatively little lessons occurred this week, but it was still very spiritually uplifting. Transfers were wonderful and I love my new companion, Sora Bedebone. It was really just wonderful to catch up with people and see the people I love and can be my true self around here. After that we headed back to Chisinau and Saturday I got to see my first baptism since I have been out. It was wonderful! Her name is Jane and the Russian Elders have been teaching her the gospel, while we taught her English (and emphasized the gospel). It was wonderful and she just looked so happy.

Now for conference. We were able to watch it in English which was really a blessing. I loved Eyring's talk for Saturday morning session. It just brought a lot of peace to me and just re-energized me. I feel like one of the hardest things about being here, especially in Chisinau is that I don't get a ton from church, mainly since it is in Russian and we don't always have translation for other meetings other than Sacrament. I miss that a lot. So hearing conference in English was wonderful.

Other than that I have had to take the reins this week and try to set up lessons. This has been a wonderful learning experience in that I have realized that I know a lot more Romanian than I thought I did. What a great thing to realize. The Lord has really blessed me and I am grateful that I have been able to see that.

Shout outs: Thank you to all who sent me letters that I got on transfer (ie- Alicia and mom and dad, and Aunt Debi). Thanks for the emails this week from Dana and Lauren. I really appreciate them.

K. Love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Sora Krissy Hall

Picture is of me and the fish Steve that kissed last week for a hazel nut Snickers (see last weeks blog)

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