Monday, February 13, 2012

This week we found out where we will be going for transfers. I will be going to another country where my companion and I will be the only sister missionaries there (there are elders there though). If you have guessed, I will be going to Moldova in the city of Chisinau (Key- shi- no) to serve for the next two transfers. I keep telling myself that it will be a lot of fun. But I am really going to miss everyone here in Bucharest. But that is what a mission is and I am going whether I really want to or not haha. So I might as well enjoy it, or life is just going to be lame for the next 3 months, and who wants that right? So I have decided to be happy and to think how everyone wants to go there and that I am lucky to have this experience. I feel so blessed to have been in Bucharest and to have met all the amazing people I have met. I know this is where I have needed to serve and I know that I need to go to Chisinau to continue to learn and grow. So it will be cool. However, that does mean that I will only get mail every 6 weeks. So just be aware of that. :P haha

Shout Outs: Aunt Debi- I have been getting your letters, so thank you. I am sending you an actual letter which is why I haven't made reference to them before haha. I really do appreciate them though. Shelly- thank you so much for your email. I love you and miss you. Good luck on your internship. John- I am sorry you are so tired all the time. that is rough, but I know you can do it! Alicia- I don't know if I said I got your letter or not, but I did and I love you like crazy. Thanks so much. Irene Bergh- thank you so much for your email! I really appreciate, it is cold here but I have a really good coat and so that helps a lot. This blog definitely isn't a scientific paper in any sorts haha, but I am happy to hear that you have been reading it. Finally- Erich Tefft- I am hoping that you will be able to see this. I have a feeling you will. Anyways, you are awesome and now you are on my blog. Thanks for all you help :)

The next special shout out is to my sister Jen! Happy Birthday this week. Go out and do something fun!!! I love you

Anyways, So life is great and I miss you all. I hope you are all safe and warm. Wish me luck as I move to another country haha.

Sora Krissy Hall

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