Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I want to start off with saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY PAGE!! I love you like crazy and I hope you had a most wonderful birthday and didnt party too hard haha. Next, I want to say that I love Chisinau. It is absolutely beautiful here. We wake up to the most beautiful sunrises every morning and then we get to work and are busy all day. It is great. I feel like a real missionary in that I am giving it my all and the Lord is blessing me and my companion for our effots. One of those blessings is that one of our investigators has a baptismal date for the 10th! I am so excited for her. Every lesson we have she says it makes sense and that she will do whatever we ask. How prepared was she!

Everything has warmed up and snow has turned into rain. Everything is a lot dirtier now but there is even beauty in dirt haha. There aren't nearly as many stray animals here which is sad, but we have seen some beautiful birds. I cant wait for spring!

We had zone conference this week and so we had 6 sisters in our apartment. 5 of which could fit on my bed. Yeah its that big haha. It was a lot of fun though and the conference went really well. Over all it has been a great week! I love this feeling. I love you all!

Sora Hall

Pictures are a view of the sunrise in Chisinau, Moldova and the Sister's Slumber party.

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  1. Thank you!! I had a great day! Miss you, and hope you're finding your mission every bit as fulfilling as you hoped. -- Love, Ashley