Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!! Today was my first Monday in Chisinau and we had so much fun! We had breakfast burritos for district study and then went and played basketball (yeah I think its funny that I chose to play it as well haha). Anyways, it is beautiful here. Many of the signs and things are in Russian here as is most of church. So that makes life a little harder. But it is still cool to hear another language. The Elders here are so nice and have been really supportive as well as made me feel welcome. The branch is great! I had to talk yesterday on the Atonement (in Romanian) and made it for about 8 min. I was really happy. I still hate public speaking, especially in a language I don't know. But it went well and everyone was really nice. Anyways, last week we had an epic Pday full of yummy food and laser tag (I got first for my team and also got a nice welt with it because I ran into one of the other players haha). It was awesome. I loved being able to be around everyone.

Transfers were hard. It was really hard to leave everyone that I grew to love. But I know that this is just another growing experience. Plus I get to see them every six weeks :)

So basically, I love it here. It is so beautiful and a lot more clean haha. The branch is amazing and we have already has some crazy legit lessons. I cant wait to do more!

I love you all. Sorry this is short, but I have a couple of things I need to do today. Love you!

Sora Hall

Oh shout outs- once again John- sorry about the test, that's a bummer, but you are getting smarter, so its worth it :) T- thanks for the email, it brightened my day even more. Miss you

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