Wednesday, January 4, 2012

La Multi Ani! I hope that everyone had an amazing New Years. Ours was filled with lack of sleep and rides home from a YSA party :). Before I get to that I will go ahead and let everyone know about the rest of the week. Once again we didn't have a ton of lessons because New Years is kind of a big deal here and everyone makes food or prepares in some way for it. But we did get to meet with a lot of inactives which was cool. Anyways I got sick at the beginning of the week and it ended up getting so bad that I had to try to sleep it off. So I got 12 hours of sleep and then I was pretty much healed. That was cool. They on the 29th (or 6 month mark for Sora Atkins) her wallet got stolen on a super cramped bus heading to a slightly more ghetto side of town. It was kind of funny I will admit. So she had to go to the office and cancel her credit card. We also lost 150 lei which was a bummer, but it really wasn't that bad. After that we really just had lessons or block knocked for the rest of the week. We got an couple invitations to come back after New Years which was cool. But we don't have any new investigators. On Saturday we were invited to the YSA New Years party which had about 30 plus people at it (about 15-20 were missionaries haha). It was great and we even got pizza which was cool. Sora Atkins loves sleep so we only stayed until about 10:30 and then got a ride home from the Assistants to the President (we didn't want to have to deal with the hour long trip of going home on a night that is notorious for drunk people being out). Anyways, we tried to go right to sleep, but there was a party upstairs with lots of techno music (very common here- really all you ever hear). After that died down, there were fireworks right outside our window. Since we don't have blinds we saw every flash and heard every boom. It wasn't the best night's sleep I ever had, but it was still cool. The next day there was no one out even when we left for church that started at noon. There are still relatively few people out today, but that's okay. Maybe they will be home and will answer their doors tonight when we do more block knocking haha. Yesterday, church was only an hour and then we went to go eat at a members house in the other branch. All of the missionaries in Bucharest went (about 20 or so) and we all ate a 4 course meal that was super yummy. However something went wrong and we all had really bad nights due to food poisoning. Fun stuff. But the food was so worth it.

Oh so transfers came out. I am staying with Sora Atkins for another transfer and we are the only sisters that really are staying together. Everyone else got switched around. Elder Nelson in our district is leaving and going to Sibiu. We are getting an Elder Eaton in return which is cool. Elder Cooper is now our district leader and Elder Gunter (who was Elder Nelson's companion) is now Elder Cross's companion. It is great. I am super excited to stay in Bucharest for another transfer. I love it here. It will be such a great transfer :)

So that was my week. I hope everyone had a great week! Plus it is now 2012, when did that happen? -other than like 2 days ago haha. Anyways I love you all. Keep spreading the gospel and sharing your light.

Sora Krissy Hall

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