Monday, December 5, 2011

This week was forever long. It just never seemed to end. That's how the MTC felt at first (not quite this long though), so hopefully that means it will speed up. We had more lessons this week which was good and we have a new investigator Cristi Popa (male). He is really smart and has studied a lot about Christ. His views seem to go really well with what the Church believes and so far he has come to church 2 weeks in a row. That is great! We work a lot with less active members. It is great to find these people and see them change and realize that they are cared about and that they haven't been forgotten.

So we ride the tramvai whenever we go over to the church building. They always have children on the them that beg. It reminds me of Slumdog Millionaire and how the bad people sent the kids to beg. I don't understand all that they say, but it is still very sad. It again makes me grateful for the blessings I have had in my life. It also kind of makes me grateful that there are rules that we can't give them money. I would be very tempted to do it, especially to the cute little ones. Being here has shown me what true poverty is and how poverty in different countries can be so different. I never experienced any poverty like I have here. That brings me gypsies. I have seen some that I know just by looking at them that they are gypsies. However, you can't always tell just by looks. Frankly, I don't want to know if a person is before I get to know them. I feel that puts unfair labels and some of the people that I have found to be gypsies are some of the most family oriented and nicest people I have met. I guess it really just depends. But they really haven't been an issue as far as teaching or bringing them to church, at least from what I have seen so far. I realize this could be because I am in a city where there is a large mixture of people and cultures.

Funny story: So I would like to thank a Stephen Wirthlin for teaching the Romanian districts useful words. I think every word he told us I have heard and now I am one of the only people that know what it means. That leads me to yesterday. We had a lesson with a members daughter in law. She wasn't there when we showed us so we just stayed and talked with the member. She had been stressed the week before and we wanted to make sure that she was doing better. Her husband isn't a member so he drinks a lot. He came and introduced himself to me. He told me his name and then proceeded to say that he was a barosan. Thanks to Brother Wirthlin I knew that this meant he said he was a stud/pimp. It was hilarious because my companions didn't know what this meant until after we left. The rest of the lesson he played the piano (hymns actually). When we asked how he knew them, Mihaela, his wife told us that he can play any song by ear and that he heard them because she sings them all day. She is an amazing woman. He was hilarious and we left wondering what he could do if he wasn't drunk every time we came over. What power and talents would he have. But I don't think I will ever forget how he introduced himself. He was just so proud of himself when he said it.

Anyways, it is definitely hard working here. But I am grateful to learn from the people everyday. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the Gospel and how it can help change people's lives for the better. I love you all.

Love Sora Krissy Hall

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