Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kristena is in Romania or should I say Sora Hall is in Romania. For those who do not know, Sora is Sister in Romania and while serving her mission she will be called Sora Hall by those who work with her. But I am her mom and I she will always be Krissy to me. :)
She left from Salt Lake City on Monday, 21 November 2011 at 8:30 am. She flew to Seattle, Washington, from there she flew to Paris, France and then onto Budapest, Romania arriving there 22 November at 2:15pm. Long day of travel for her. She got to call her family members from the Seattle airport yesterday before leaving the states. She sounds GREAT! She is very excited to finally get to Romania. I asked her to speak to me in Romanian and she spoke a few words but I noticed that if one of the other sisters with her asked her a question, they did it in Romanian and she responded very fluently in Romania back. I don't think they were even aware they were speaking in Romania, it was soo cute!
She is very realistic about the language knowing that the language that she has been learning for the last nine weeks will sound totally different once she is in Romania. I am sure if you have been to a foreign country you can relate to that. She is looking forward to meeting her Mission President and his wife, to seeing Rick and Sandy Patton (Rick is an old family friend that is serving in the mission home with his wife) and meeting her trainer and first companion. Companion is the term giving to the room mate that she will have. She is also excited to find out what city she will be assigned to first. She will email us on her next "P-day", )prep day - a day that the missionaries have to do laundry, shopping, letter writing, etc.).
It was good talking to her and hearing her sweet voice again. I look forward to our next call at Christmas. Until then I will continue to post her letter's as she sends them.

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