Friday, November 25, 2011


Hey everyone, Krissy arrived safely in Romania. We got this letter from her mission president right after she arrived:
Dear Hall Family,

Yesterday afternoon, Sister Hall arrived safely at the Bucharest airport where Sister Hill and I welcomed her.  Although a bit tired, she seemed very happy to finally be in Romania.  This morning we took her with the other new missionaries to Chismigiu Gardens in downtown Bucharest.  On a little wooded hilltop in the middle of the gardens, we sang a hymn, prayed and read the dedicatory prayer given by Elder Russell M. Nelson on February 9th, 1990 to open the country of Romania to preaching the gospel.   I have attached a photo of her with Sister Hill and me on that hill.  Today we hosted her in the mission home for some training and tomorrow she will leave on a train for her first assignment: to labor in the city of Bucharest with her new companions and trainers, Sister Atkin and Wilson.

Thank you for sending us such a faithful and talented missionary.  We already love her.
With appreciation,

President Ned C. Hill
Romania Moldova Mission
Here's a photo of her with her mission president:

Here is Krissy with her trainers, Sora Atkin and Sora Wilson (KRISSY IS IN THE MIDDLE):

Finally, Krissy had a special treat or surprise or whatever it's called because a member who was from Krissy's home ward growing up is now serving with his wife in the Bucharest mission. Here are Elder and Sister Patton with Krissy (KRISSY IS AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE, AND ELDER PATTON IS ON THE RIGHT):

We look forward to hearing from Krissy again someday. Send her letters until then!

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