Monday, June 11, 2012

Can you guess what I am standing next to (the pole thing)?

Well my 5th transfer is coming to an end!  I can't believe it how fast things go here.  We had zone conference this week and I learned so much.  It definitely re-energized me which was great. Things have been a little slow here but we had a sports activity-ultimate Frisbee- here on Friday and we got 2 non-members to come which was awesome.  It sounds like things are starting to move forward here as far as letting people know who we are and our beliefs- in Romania in general.  I never realized how important PR was, even with a church, but apparently it helps a lot.  The work is moving forward here.  What a blessing that is!  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve with Sora Cottam.  I feel like I learned a lot from her and I was able realize how much I already know.  I cant wait to see what transfers bring and to see if we stay together or not.  It will be wonderful.  We work hard which I think is why we work ha.  Even if the work is a little slow here we work hard and we know we are trying our best.  We are being blessed for our efforts.  Life is amazing!  I miss you all but I know I need to be here to learn and to teach. 

Take care!

Also- shout out to Elder Tefft for some of the pictures from zone conference!  He is amazing and it was so nice to see him again!

Love you all,
Sora Krissy Hall

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