Monday, March 19, 2012

What a week! I can't believe it has already come and gone and that it is already P-day again! I think that is the sign of a good week. Just comes and goes before you even know what happened just because you are so busy. We had a lot of lessons all across the board and then on Saturday we had a Relief Society activity for the 170th birthday. It was great! The whole branch was invited (because the missionaries were asked to call everyone) and it turned out that more less/inactive members came than active members. How wonderful is that! All they needed was to be asked. On Sunday we had many of the same people at church. It was really a blessing for the branch.

Last night was amazing! (3/18/2012) We went over to Brother Alto's home with all the other missionaries and had a great American meal! He is from CA and works in the Embassy here. So we had real chips and salsa, chili and the best apple pie i have every had! It was glorious, really. But you know the best part? Cherry Coke, from America :) (see pictures) I just felt so rejuvenated afterwards and super pumped for this last week before transfers. It was really wonderful. I feel really blessed to be here. It is so beautiful. Today we had waffles and we played outside because it was sunny! Oh I can't wait for Spring. It is all so exciting :)

Well I should go I love you all! Shout outs to John for the Woman's day email haha. I can't wait to hear where Aunt Debi and Uncle Larry get called. So don't forget to email me ok. Love you so much

Sora Krissy Hall

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